We're Up 4% on Our Trade

Golden cross has netted us a 4% return.

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Trading Strategy: Golden Cross

Hey guys, Bisola here to provide you with an update on our golden cross strategy.

As some of you may remember, on Saturday I bought roughly £97 worth of Bitcoin, or $117 to my American subscribers, in trying to test a new strategy known as the golden cross strategy.

Here is my chart that we used to help us decide if we should test the strategy to begin with:

We can see how each golden crossing foreshadows a bull run and how each death cross a downturn.

As we were in the death cross phase, the hypothesis for our strategy was simple:

When a golden cross forms we will purchase Bitcoin because based on the historical behavior of this technical indicator, a uptrend should occur.

On Saturday, we then saw the formation of a golden cross:

Based on this, the next step of our strategy was then to purchase Bitcoin:

We’re Up 4%

The golden cross strategy appears to have worked like a charm as we are now up 4% on our trade:

A 4% return in just 3 days is incredibly impressive, especially when compared to traditional assets:

If we are able to piece together more strategies then we will be able to make a return regardless of the market conditions.

I will now close the current trade and move the golden cross strategy to our list of confirmed trading strategies, bringing it to a total of two:

  • Golden Cross Strategy

  • Price-action tends to happen at price points with round numbers e.g. $9k, 10k, 11k.

What’s Next

Make sure to keep an eye on your inbox for my post on Sunday as we’ll be testing a new strategy as well as figuring out what will happen to Bitcoin as it nears $11,000.

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